beekeeper is an indie post-pop power trio from Vancouver. We play danceable, singable, thinkable tunes. We meld dissonance and odd time signatures with beautiful pop hooks and male/female three-part harmonies. Our live show is quirky, unpredictable, and musically satisfying. It is not rare for our sets to end with the entire audience on stage.


An indie post-pop power trio from Vancouver consisting of comedian Lougheed, rhythm savant Luke Cyca, and opera singer Brandi Sidoryk, beekeeper melds dissonance and odd time signatures with infectious rhythms and melodic pop hooks into an irresistible musical alchemy. Called “the by-product of combining extremely nice and highly talented music nerds” (Discorder), beekeeper stands out thanks to their signature mix of cheeky creativity, heartfelt earnestness, and undeniable ability.

Since releasing their debut record BE KEPT in 2010 (The Georgia Straight called it “a rambunctious debut … [that] deserves a sack full of gold stars.”), beekeeper has matured from an obscure but loveable fan favourite into one of the most unique and hardworking bands in Western Canada. After being joined by bass player and opera singer Brandi Sidoryk in 2011, beekeeper released a 7” EP, Take Me Back (To The Place), praised as “a dizzy flight through genre and style,” (Vancouver Weekly) reminiscent of the “golden era of college rock” (Georgia Straight).

After a successful year of cross-Canadian touring, beekeeper was chosen from hundreds of bands to participate in the 2012 Peak Performance Project. They were called “the most intriguing band of the entire PPP this year… maybe even in the entire PPP history.” (More Than a Feeling Music). The trio spent several months working with leaders in the Canadian music industry, recording new tracks, and honing their live act, emerging from the competition with a new five-song EP, Shout At People, which will be released in February 2013.

Recorded and mixed at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Shout At People showcases beekeeper’s skillful balancing of chaos and control, masterful songwriting, and ability to continually captivate and surprise even their veteran listeners. Alternately heartwarming and menacing, engaging and bewildering, Shout At People proves that beekeeper is a band for anyone willing to admit they’re a little bit weird at heart.

Selected Press Quotes

“Rambunctious… blissful… deserves a sack full of gold stars.”The Georgia Straight, November 2010

“If this was 1993, no one would be surprised to hear that
beekeeper was fielding offers from Sub Pop.”
The Georgia Straight, May 2012

“If beekeeper kept the insects that pervade its mystique,
you could say that the single’s eponymous track is a bumblebee
and the second is a killer.”
Vancouver Weekly, May 2012

“beekeeper are weird, but so unique that you really just have to love it.”Discorder Magazine, June 2012

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Left photo: Leigh Eldridge
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