Shout At People 2013

This is our new shiny EP, available on CD or digital download.

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  1. Bees 00:40
  2. It's The Blood 03:02
  3. I Don't Need Hope, I Need Whiskey 02:41
  4. Oh, Hi! 02:39
  5. Good News 02:48

beekeeper is Devon Lougheed, Luke Cyca, and Brandi Sidoryk.

Produced by Devon Lougheed. Recorded by Adam Greenholtz at The Warehouse Studio and Blue Light Studio. Mixed by Josh Bowman. Mastered by Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs. Additional production by Adam Greenholtz and Josh Bowman. Additional musicians on track 4 are Matt Kelly (pedal steel and kazoo), Adam Greenholtz (violin and kazoo), and Jim Hopson (trombone). Cover drawing by Gina MacKay.

Take Me Back (To The Place) 2012

Available only as a 7" record, or digital download.

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Side A Take Me Back (To The Place) 03:28
Side B Bad Advice 03:12

Devon Lougheed - Guitar, Vocals
Brandi Sidoryk - Bass, Vocals
Luke Cyca - Drums, Vocals

Cover photo by Rachelle Simoneau
Recorded by Colin Stewart
at The Hive Creative Labs
Mastered by Stuart McKillop.

BE KEPT 2010

Please enjoy this album. It contains thirteen of our finest songs.

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  1. Table and Bed 03:10
  2. Sudden Cuckoo 03:20
  3. Nice Lunch 02:59
  4. Drownings 03:20
  5. Spider Webs / Insect Eyes 04:06
  6. Novel 02:04
  7. Pinwheel Revolution 02:46
  8. Hurt an Enemy 02:24
  9. Cavalry Call 03:18
  10. Everything Has Been Repaired 03:03
  11. Outta the Woods 03:42
  12. There's a Reason 02:17
  13. Last Words 03:52

Devon Lougheed - Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals
Luke Cyca - Drums, Bass, Vocals
Tegan Ceschi-Smith - Violin
Jacquie Neville - Vocals (1,7)
Brandi Sidoryk - Vocals (3,5,13)
Donne Torr - Vocals (9,11)
Sierra Yakimchuck - Vocals (2,12)
Jillian Cyca - Vocals (6)
Aaron MacInnis - Sax

Recorded April, May,
and June 2010.
Drums recorded at
The Hive Creative Labs.
Everything else recorded
in apartments, bedrooms,
hotel alleyways, and
over the telephone.
Mixed by Colin Stewart.
Mastered by Stuart McKillop.